Stratosphere Quality says…

My name is Jim Norris and I currently serve as the Manager of Credit & Collections for Stratosphere Quality; a company that specializes in inspection and re-work services for primarily the automotive and medical industries.

I first experienced the benefits of ARIS while working for my previous employer.  When I switched companies, there was such a striking difference in the AR management systems between the two that I immediately began soliciting our senior management team to transition to ARIS.  They finally agreed and I am most grateful for that decision. 

ARIS is user friendly and is extremely easy to navigate.  It allows our collections team to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.  Another major benefit is its management reporting capabilities.  Management reports are customized to my specific needs and run daily on a scheduler, which has saved me countless hours of running reports and manipulating spreadsheet data in our old system.  Finally, and maybe most importantly in some respects, our collectors love it.  Hence, managing the “change process” was relatively easy because the new system far surpassed the old.   

In short, I highly recommend the ARIS software package as a superior tool for AR management. 

Jim Norris
Manager, Credit & Collections
Stratosphere Quality, LLC